All our Warehouses have security guards, controlled access, CCTV, pest control, monitoring center 24/7, 365 days a year, firefighting equipment, intrusion alarms, perimeter security and C-TPAT Certificate.


  • Storage – Regular- IMMEX- Bonded WH

  • VMI ( Vendor Management Inventory)

  • Configure to Order (CTO)

  • WH & Distribution retail/end customer

  • Perishables/ Food Transportation

  • Inventory management

  • Order Management

  • Bar-Coding

  • Just In Time

  • Pricing Labeling

  • Packing

  • Email notifications

  • Reporting

  • RF

  • Customized

WMS (Warehouse Management System)

Our WMS developed by ourselves, you can consult your inventory or request a delivery from any place in the world.

  • Web Access – Consulting/Order request

  • Inventory control – Pallet- Box-Unit

  • Cycle Counts records

  • Quarantine process

GUADALAJARA JAL. 32,200 sq/ft


Capacity: 2850 Pallet positions
Inbound/Outbound Activity
Inbound: 20 Containers per day
Outbound: 18 Containers per day

MONTERREY NL. 64,500 sq/ft

Capacity: 4850 Pallet positions
Inbound/Outbound Activity
Inbound: 30 Containers per day
Outbound: 28 Containers per day


LAREDO TX. 30,500 sq/ft

Current Impo/Expo Activities
IMPO: 200 - 300 Containers per day
EXPO: 100 - 200 Containers per day



Expressway Global Logistics provide the Inland Freight Transportation service across the borders to USA, Canada, Mexico And South America.

  • Less-than Truck Load (LTL)

  • Full Truck Load (FTL)

  • Door to Door service

  • Expedited Service (Hot Shots)

  • Port drayage -Customs Permision-

  • Border Consolidation

  • Milk route

  • Hazmat / Hazwaste

  • Fragile / Special Handling

All our trucks are equipped with GPS and satellite security systems.



Expressway Global Logistics has a unique international air program that utilizes strategic offices to funnel freight to and from global regions.

In our most critical market areas we have block space agreements that guarantee us capacity during both low and high seasons with a degree of flexibility to change with customer demand.

  • Hand Carry 

  • (Critical Express Materials -24 hrs Service)

  • Priority (2-3 day)

  • Consolidated (3-7 day)

  • Charter

  • Dangerous Goods

  • Documentation

  • Door to Door option

  • Express shipping



EGL offers flexible sailing dates and vendor management programs, direct communication with most important shipping companies

  • Buyers Consolidation 

  • Project Cargo 

  • Cargo Management

  • Cargo Consolidation


  • FCL / LCL

  • Letters of Credit

  • Forwarding

  • Pickup and delivery



On behalf of our customers we carry out the customs procedures for importing, exporting and other customs procedures at the main sea, land and air customs in Mexico with a best in class operational process (ISO based). 
Customs License 3264.

  • Manzanillo, Col.

  • Lazaro Cardenas, Mich.

  • Altamira Tamp.

  • Veracruz, Ver.

  • Guadalajara, Jal International Airport

  • Mexico City International Airport

  • Monterrey, NL International Airport

  • Nuevo Laredo, Tamps. – Laredo Texas.

  • Cd. Juárez Chih.- El Paso, Texas.

  • Reynosa Tamps- Pharr Tx

  • Tijuana, B.C. – San Ysidro, CA.



  • Labeling

  • UVA

  • Export packing

  • Cargo insurance



  • Repair Depot (Component, mechanical level)

  • Refurbish Processes (Any kind)

  • Final Packout

  • Special configurations

  • Configure to Order (CTO)

  • Quality Inspections

  • Warranty Managment

  • Call center (Customer Service, 
    Warranty approval & rejections)