Tech StartUps that will Transform Warehousing

Beyond robotics software startups tech-enabled approaches are branching into warehousing, according to research by CB Insights.

CB Insights points to examples of Flexe, which they call “AirBnB for warehouse space” and the proliferation of several augmented reality smart glasses for warehouse workers such as GetVu as startups that will change the warehousing landscape.

The research highlights a few companies, their funding, and how they will impact the sector.

Warehouse & inventory management software - These companies offer software-as-a-service platforms, generally cloud-based, for warehouse management and inventory tracking functions. Temando leads with $50 million in funding, and works with Asos, Trademe, Krispy Kreme, and more. UK-based Peoplevox ($6 mmillion in funding) pairs its SaaS platform with warehouse-optimization consultants.

Warehouse robots - Automated and remotely controlled robots for order picking and inventory management. Seegrid, with $63 million in funding, makes automated vision-guided vehicles for companies like BMW, Volvo, Walgreens, 3M, Honeywell, and the USPS.

Worker wearables - GetVU, Atheer, and XOEye produce augmented reality smart glasses to aid warehouse workers, and Kinetic makes wearables that attach to workers’ belts to analyze movements and help prevent injuries.

Indoor asset tracking - These companies offer software, bar code readers, and RFID tags, focusing on improving the tracking of goods and equipment in warehouses.

On-demand warehouse space - Flexe ($20.6 million in funding) offers an online marketplace connecting retailers that need warehouse space with warehouses that have extra capacity.

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