Tips on Improving Warehouse Productivity

Managing inventory effectively and maximizing warehouse productivity rank on top of the priority list of almost all warehouse managers,

We offers some tips on how to improve warehouse management.

Apply Cross-Docking to Maximize Space

The objective of cross-docking is to reduce the shelf storage time of stocks in the

warehouse. It helps in transporting warehouse delivered goods quickly to the outbound carriers that can take the stocks to distribution centers. Make sure that the warehouse layout supports cross-docking.

Implement Strict Standards for Safety

Don’t make the warehouse an unsafe place for employees. If the staff isn’t trained properly, the result will be numerous accidents and high injury rates. Ensure that only the well-trained and experienced employees operate heavy duty equipment such as forklifts. Mark the safety protocols in the warehouse, such as indicating a safe distance from danger zones.

Incorporate Efficient Weighing Systems

Make efficient weight scales, such as truck scales, an integral part of your warehouse as it helps in optimizing all the weighing processes. By improving the accuracy of the billing and shipping tremendously, revenues can be increased. The overall workflow productivity is also enhanced.

Use Technology to Enhance Inventory Management

New robotics technology has become the most sought after technology in many companies. Automated vehicles come a close second. By incorporating self-driving technology in the warehouses, human labor can be assigned to more critical jobs and enhance safety and efficiency.

3-D printing technology allows on-demand production of various components for manufacturing at the location itself. It can effectively eliminate the need for any transportation, thus reducing the cost and lead times significantly.

Innovation of newer, lighter and stronger materials like nanotubes and graphene will improve warehouse productivity as less energy is needed to transport lighter materials and equipment.

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